Production Geek Page


Video technology changes so fast and it’s almost impossible to keep up.

There’s nothing more annoying than buying into a format that goes  obsolete and unsupported by the manufacture after a few years.   We want to make sure you can play back your media for years to come.

At Visions Plus, we choose our camera equipment carefully.   We purchase with longevity in mind.  We avoid purchasing the flavor of the month and expect that you are willing to change your workflow every time something new comes out.    At Visions Plus, we use the most industry standard equipment so that your media is compatible where ever you may use it.


Choice of cameras

  • Sony FS7 4K Cinema cameras w/ assorted lenses
  • Panasonic HDX900 HD cameras
  • Panasonic HPX370 HD cameras
  • Panasonic HVX200 HD cameras
  • Canon 5D mk III DSLR w/ assorted lenses



Additional Equipment

  • Atomos Shogun 4K monitor/recorder
  • AJA KiPro HD recorder
  • Sound Devices PIX240 HD recorder
  • Sachtler 20 & 18 tripods
  • Vinten 10 tripods
  • Flanders Scientific CM171 – 17” HD-SDI engineering monitor
  • Panasonic LH1760 17” HD-SDI client monitor
  • Panasonic LH80 – 8” HD-SDI production monitor
  • Make-up kit