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Multi-Camera FlyPack

Our streamlined yet full-featured HD Multicam Flypack offers pristine HD video acquisition on the go.


SONY ANYCAST Live Content Producer – HD video mixer

Choice of cameras

  • Panasonic HDX900 (2/3” chips) HD cameras
  • Panasonic HPX370 (1/3” chips) HD cameras


  • Panasonic RC10 paintboxes
  • AJA Kumo 16×4 HD-SDI router
  • 8 – AJA HD5DA 1×4 HD-SDI VDAs
  • BlackMagic Design Pro Duo HD-SDI preview monitors
  • BlackMagic Design UltraScope – HD-SDI WaveForm monitor
  • Atomos Shogun 4K or HD hard drive recorder
  • AJA KiPro HD hard drive recorder
  • Sound Devices PIX240 HD hard drive recorder
  • Flanders Scientific CM171 – 17” HD-SDI engineering monitor
  • Panasonic LH1760 HD-SDI Color critical program monitor
  • Clearcom MS440 intercom station w/ 12 pacs