Florence Crittenton Services
Florence Crittenton School for pregnant and teen moms allows teenage moms to continue their high school education while their child is also being cared for in a safe and enriched educational environment. The goal of the school is to stop the cycle of generational poverty. Confidentiality and sensitivity are required in filming minors. The Visions Plus Team: Steve Dung, James Wu and Carol Keys, were thanked numerous times by both the students, and the Florence Crittenton staff for their exceptional ability to make everyone involved feel safe and comfortable.

This video was commissioned by Bank of the West and produced for Florence Crittenton Services as a fund raising tool for the school, and to create awareness on how both the school – and Bank of the West – serve their community.



Dream to Degrees
Not everyone is fortunate to be able to afford a college education. Through the Sacramento State University scholarships, some students are able to go to school and not have to worry about getting a job to pay for higher education.  We also hear from donors and see their impact to the program.  Dianne Fukami produces this video that shows us the importance of supporting higher education.